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In addition to our monthly service programs, we also help customers with a number of recurring maintenance needs to protect your investment in your pool.*


Conditioner (also known as Cyanuric Acid) is added to your pool twice a year to stabilize the chemicals, help your plaster last longer, limit the amount of corrosion on your equipment and keep algae out of your pool.

Filter Cleanings:

We clean filters two times per year. The purpose is to:

  • Keep the water clean and safe. To make sure no waterborne contaminants build-up in the filter.
  • Save money. A clean filter uses less energy to circulate the water in the pool.
  • Improve Chemical stability in the pool water. This will extend the life of the plaster in the pool and save money.
  • Keep Algae out of your pool.

Salt Water Systems:

Your investment in a salt water system creates some unique maintenance requirements. Our services can include:

  • Maintain the salt chlorine generator
  • Clean the generating cell to eliminate calcium deposits
  • Install Zinc anode in the pool to reduce the impact of corrosion.

Heater Maintenance:

Your heater is one of your pool’s most expensive functions, and maintenance is critical to ensure it operates most energy efficiently. Our services include:

  • Completing annual heater tune-up including disassembly, cleaning and inspection of your heater.
  • Calibrate the gas valve regulator, test all safety circuits, check for water and gas leaks

This service helps prolong the life of your heater, and decrease fire hazard by removing leaves and other yard debris, pest debris, dirt and soot from the combustion chamber and venting chamber of your heater. By inspecting the wiring, plumbing and control components of your heater, and testing heater output, we can make sure your heater performs at its best when you need it.

Automatic Cover Cleaning:

We pressure wash and clean your automatic cover, lubricate the pulleys, clean the cover pits and flush the drains. We recommend cleaning the pit covers once a year, before winter. By removing debris from the pit and clearing drains annually, rain water that accumulates in the pit, will drain freely and not submerge the electrical cover, motor and equipment.

* Extra fee's required

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